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Second Tragedy For Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand’s mum Janice St Fort has died, aged 58, after losing her battle with cancer.


The ex-England footballer has been left devastated by her death – the second tragedy to hit his family in two years after losing his weife Rebecca Ellison to breast cancer in 2015. Janice was just 58 when she passed away after a battle with cancer. A statement issued by Rio, Anton and the family described Mrs St Fort as a “devoted mother” and “an inspiration”.


“We are heartbroken to announce that our amazing mum Janice passed away today after an ongoing battle with cancer. She was a devoted mother to us all, and she was the most incredible grandmother to our children. The whole family are devastated. Our mum was the centre and the heart of our family and has supported us all through many difficult times, always with a smile on her face. Her strength and courage, as well as her great sense of humour and immense kindness, were never-ending" said the statement.


In truly heartbreaking manner, Ferdinand has revealed he turned to alcohol in a bid to numb the pain felt from the loss of his wife and "soul mate". The footballer said: "At the beginning I was drinking a lot at night time. We have a lady lucky enough who lives with us, she would go to bed and I'd come back down in the middle of the night and probably drink a lot for the first three or four months. I used to look at people or read stories and think, how can you be so selfish and commit suicide or attempt to commit suicide or whatever. But I can actually sympathise now because I understand that you get to places where you think, if I didn't have that network of people or my kids who I use as an inspiration to be able to get up and think straight, I can understand that."




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