Voice of the Players: Jérôme Thiesson

Voice of the Players: Jérôme Thiesson

Name: Jérôme Thiesson

Age: 29

Current Team: Minnesota United FC



What was your inspiration to play football?

That's a difficult question. I just always wanted to be outside and play with other kids. I played football of course but also basketball and hockey. Obviously football quickly became my favorite activity and i focused more and more on it.


What do you enjoy most from your sport?

I just love everything about it! The emotions, to push my body over limits, to work in a group and to be dependent on and important to the team. Of course winning and even losing because in the end it's from losing that you learn the most!


How have you settled in America?

The team is new so the other guys only got to know each other for 1-2 month prior to my arrival. That made the adaptation easier and the guys are great so it wasn't hard. I am also moving into my apartment soon. I think I will definetly be more settled in a couple of weeks. I also only have to wait one more week for my wife to join me! Then everything will be perfect.


How does football in America compare to Swiss football?

It is still football with one ball, two goals and a starting 11 but it is in fact a lot different.

Off the pitch: The players usually belong to the league and not to the club and can be traded at any time. There is also the whole marketing system. It is huge! The stadiums, clubs, facilities, and media- just massive. Everything is at a much higer level than Switzerland. I'm here at a new club and obviously not a top team yet but the professionalism around us is just amazing and it is what every football player seeks.

On the pitch: There are some great football players in each team. There are many players that would be stars in the Swiss Super League. However, the average level of the rest is probably lower than Super Leage. By that I mean that an average Super League player is slightly better than an MLS player due to their tactical knowledge on the pitch.


Minnesota didn’t have the best start… What does the team need to work on?     

Yes, in fact we had a very bad start. Obviously we conceeded too many goals and this is what we are working on improving every day. We are a new team and it surely takes time to adjust but we can't go on conceding as many goals.


What do you do outside of sports?

At the moment I am spending each day trying to organise my life here in America. For example getting a social security number, getting a bank account, finding an apartment, looking for furniture, getting the American drivers license, finding a car and so on. But in terms of hobbies, I love going to watch other sports like the NBA or NHL and when the baseball and NFL seasons start i will for sure attend a game. The twin cities offer everything so i will never get bored!


What was the best advice you were ever given?

Tricky question.. you mean here in America? or in my life generaly? I think that a good piece of advise which can be applied in life and in sport is to work hard, not to give up and then you will be rewarded.


Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

There are so many sayings which I like and which I can identify myself with. I just try to live by the motto to be thankful for even the smallest of things and to take nothing for granted.


The Voxplay team would like to thank Jérôme for his commitment and time in giving this interview. All the best Jérôme!