FIFPro fully supports football players in the Spanish top division who have been ignored by the Spanish League when it takes important decisions which affect them directly. Captains of fourteen teams, including Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos and Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets, gathered on Wednesday to discuss issues including playing matches beginning after 22:00 hours or on Monday night, and a 15-year deal the League has made which includes an annual league match played in the United States.


The players, through their union AFE, are threatening to take measures if their concerns are not addressed. FIFPro, the world players’ union, deems it “unacceptable and incomprehensible” that the players were not consulted by the League about the decision to play matches in the U.S.


“Such a far-reaching agreement – which directly touches upon the health of players who are already at risk due to a congested match calendar – cannot be concluded without the consent of AFE, the representative of professional football players in Spain,” said FIFPro secretary general Theo van Seggelen. The captains want a committee with representatives of AFE and the League to solve all issues. If no satisfactory agreements are reached on this issues, then the players could take strong measures, including a possible strike.


“The captains are outraged,” said union president David Aganzo. “The League has not informed us about anything and not for the first time. The time has come to say enough. The players are tired and willing to go to the end. The players don’t agree with decisions being taken unilaterally. We need to decide together with the employers about things such as playing matches outside of Spain.”