A Personal Story - Gustavo Zardetto

A Personal Story - Gustavo Zardetto

Photo: Gustavo at SAFP HQ with a complimentary set of G-Form shin pads 


Gustavo Zardetto - Date of Birth: 25.10.87 - Position: Midfielder - Nationality: Brazil


Alone in Switzerland with family in Brazil. Gustavo’s home is where he plays football.


Gustavo has gained many experiences during his career thus far. He has played in Italy, England and Switzerland and is now looking to combine football with part-time work until he is given the chance to return to a high enough level to live off football once again. He says, “I wish football can give me back what I put into it”.


Everywhere Gustavo has gone he has needed to recreate himself and discover how to live in his surroundings. He left home at the age of 12 to move to Italy. He has two sisters and one brother who he misses very much. He also misses playing football on the streets but he knows that he cannot live both lives. He does what he does to support his family back home. He sacrifices a lot and knows that one doesn’t live forever. His moto is; “I do what I do because I only live once”.


Gustavo doesn’t give up. After playing at Bristol City in England and being loaned out to Weston-Super-Mare who play in Conference South, he returned to Brazil to work. This was a tough time he says but he was rewarded with the opportunity to play football in Europe again- this time in Switzerland. He has transferred to several Swiss clubs since then and he is now searching for stability. For this reason, he has ended up at the Swiss Association of Football Players (SAFP).


Gustavo says that he feels at home and is very thankful to SAFP for hearing his “voice”. He came to SAFP realizing that he was like a car that needed servicing and guidance. He says; “SAFP touches my senses. They share my common love for football and they promote more fairness and respect in football”. Gustavo goes on and says; “there are a lot of unfair political decisions that take place in football. I want football to become fairer and for it be recognized by many as a job where players need to support their families. After not being paid by my former club, SAFP have helped me to fight for the money they owe me. Without SAFP, I wouldn’t have stood a chance”.


Football has also given Gustavo many joyful experiences and achievements. He credits these to his hard work but realizes that without a team his hard work would have been worthless. Through living in several countries Gustavo has also learned Italian, Portuguese, French and English. Languages he wouldn’t have learnt without those experiences.


Outside of football Gustavo loves music, to be with friends and to speak to his family. His footballing idols include both Ronaldos as well as Ronaldhino largely because they support organizations with children in aid. Gustavo’s tip for children playing football; “respect your parents and coaches. They want what is best for you so learn to give respect”.