Nico Rosberg Wins the Championship

Nico Rosberg Wins the Championship

Lewis Hamilton took victory at the Yas Marina Circuit, but it was Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg celebrating after securing the Drivers' Championship for this season.


However, it was a very exciting race as Hamilton ignored Mercedes' instructions and drove his own race. Hamilton's tactics to slow down the race pace to ensure that the drivers gained ground and were closer to overtaking Rosberg did not pay-off. The race ended with Hamilton taking first place, Rosberg second, and Sebastian Vettel third.


With this season finished, Mercedes will be planning for 2017. With Hamilton and Rosberg, they have got two worldclass drivers. However, the question remains if they will develop a strategy that both drivers are happy with or if they will let them race freely for the title once again. The latter is a risk but it paid off this season. The world also awaits to see if Mercedes will punish Hamilton for ignoring instructions. According to Mercedes' Toto Wolff, anything can happen. In the meantime, teams are preparing for the next season and fans can hardly wait.