Romain Grosjean: "Very Fortunate"

Romain Grosjean: "Very Fortunate"

This weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix has taken on greater import than ever before with regards to the destination of the driver's title, with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Vettel's battle for supremacy set to go down to the wire this year. Vettel knew that he would need nothing short of a perfect weekend to keep in touch with the Briton, and after the first two practice sessions, will be pleased with the current state of affairs.


Sadly, the practice was called off early after a nasty accident involving Romain Grosjean on the 12 corner when the Frenchman's tire suddenly exploded sending him flying off the track before slamming into the hoardings surrounding the course. It was a nasty incident at first glance and officials rushed to the aid of Grosjean who could have been quite badly hurt in the accident. Further investigation revealed that it was caused by a loose drain cover just adjacent to the tarmac that tore the rear right wheel to bits.


Grosjean has since taken to his Twitter channel to update fans on his current status and, fortunately, he seems to have walked away from the incident unscathed, confirming in a tweet that he is ok but feeling a little drained. He thanked fans for all the messages of support and many expressed their relief in reply to the tweet. Watching the incident back, you realise that it could have been so much worse for Grosjean and Malaysian officials will have to work quickly to make the track safe again ahead of qualifying.