"I am very pleased to have this opportunity to tell you about my Foundation. Some of you are no doubt wondering “Why does he not simply donate the money? What is the point of a foundation?” My Foundation is something that is really close to my heart and I am in no way just seeking to positively influence my public profile. By having my own Foundation, I can choose the projects myself, experience them first hand, be active and I know for sure that the money ends up where it is supposed to.


When I visited a hospital with seriously ill children with my team Real Madrid shortly before Christmas 2014, I knew straight away that my Foundation had to help ill and seriously ill children and their families. The joy on the children's faces and the parents' reactions really left a mark on me. I want to make these kids’ wishes come true and help them realise their dreams and also financially assist with treatments or therapies which are not covered by their insurance.


The special thing about my Foundation is that I also really want to help the children's families who are also bearing an incredibly heavy burden. Often things have to happen quickly. The children are admitted to hospital and the parents want to be near them and any siblings also have to be taken care of. This is where we come in and help the families.


The Foundation will initially work together with children's hospital in Amsterdamer Strasse in Cologne, the children's hospice Regenbogenland in Düsseldorf and the children’s hospice Sonnenhof in Berlin. I will try to be present on site personally as often as possible. My support and active help will however always be available."


The Toni Kroos Foundation solely pursues charitable purposes and is aiming to offer support to children and young people with serious health problems as well as their families.


The support in reality translates into helping the children achieve their wishes and dreams, special treatments which are not covered by the health insurance companies, free-time offers for the siblings as well as helping to lighten the day-to-day burden of the parents. In today's society, families with a child who is seriously ill in many respects do not get the help they need - a strong shoulder to lean on who helps them in their time of need. Many parents have to balance visits to the hospital or hospice with their daily activities, their other children and possibly also treatments. In this situation the parents often reach the end of their tether.


Often the diagnosis comes suddenly and their lives change so quickly that already right at the beginning they are drained psychologically and financially. This is exactly the gap that the Toni Kroos Foundation wishes to fill.