Michael Carrick was at Old Trafford Sports Barn on Friday evening to officially launch ‘Carrick’s Street Reds’ – a Manchester United Foundation project to be funded for the next three years by the Michael Carrick Foundation, through money raised from Carrick's testimonial in June 2017.


Carrick’s Street Reds is the first project to be launched by the Michael Carrick Foundation, and will draw on the current model to offer free football sessions to young people with the opportunity to learn new skills and work towards qualifications in a supportive and positive environment. During the launch event, Carrick took part in coaching and activities with the young people and spoke about the importance of the partnership and his passion for grassroots football.


"I know Manchester United Foundation has been doing some unbelievable work with this project for a while now but for my own Foundation, all the work that we’ve put in over the past few months, tonight shows it has been all worthwhile," said Carrick. "It’s only the start for us but tonight is a momentous occasion in many ways so I’m immensely proud to be part of it, to help put it together – to see the smiles on the kids’ faces is priceless."


Luke Ross, head coach at Carrick’s Street Reds, used to be a participant at the project he now leads and understands the impact on the young people involved: "The kids loved it; seeing one of their idols who they watch on the telly," he said. "For him to spend his time connects us to the club and to the players so it’s inspirational and for it to be named 'Carrick's Street Reds' now is massive, so I’m sure the legacy will go on now and a lot of kids will benefit from it."


Scott, 13, has been attending the project since he was seven-years-old and is a huge Carrick fan: "He’s a massive idol to me and I think now that Carrick’s name is in Street Reds it will encourage more people to play football because he is such an icon to lots of people who have come to Street Reds and are still here today."