Juan Mata and "Common Goal" Charity

Juan Mata and "Common Goal" Charity

JUAN MATA launched Common Goal, an initiative to get footballers to pledge 1% of their wages to charity.


The 1% of wages - when you consider that Mata himself earns £140,000 a week - will add up to a huge amount - and go into a collective fund which will then be allocated to find football charities worldwide. Several megastars have pledged allegiance to the cause, as well as a few other lesser known players.


Several female footballers have also signed up to the cause, despite the fact they earn a fraction of the astronomical figures that their male counterparts take home. 


As it stands, all organisations supported through Common Goal are part of the streetfootballworld network. Streetfootballworld continually assesses charities from the eld of football for good and grants network membership to the very best in class. Membership in the streetfootballworld network is free, although non-member organisations can also receive Common Goal funding provided they meet the same quality criteria.


For more information, visit www.common-goal.org