Cortina to host WC 2021

Cortina to host WC 2021

Cortina and its breathtaking surroundings will host the 2021 FIS World Ski Championships.


State of the art world championships

The objective will be for Cortina to offer the best possible experience. 2021 will be the year when many technologies that are being developed will become available to all of us, making skiing an even more unique sport. 


Two weeks of competitions with more than six hundred athletes from over seventy nations worldwide. Hundreds of related events for tourists and sports enthusiasts alike. Champions and fans will have the same amount of adrenaline in Cortina.


A worldwide event

230 thousand visitors are expected to reach the Ampezzano mountains: half of them Italian and Austrian, but also a high number of enthusiasts and skiers from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and even as far as America and China, grasping the chance of the World Championships to visit Italy, concentrating on Venice and the Dolomites.


Christof Innerhofer: “I want to be there”

“I will be 36, but I definitely want to be in Cortina. I live one hour away. I have been competing there since I was a teenager, always with good results. My wish is to end my career with the World Championships and the Olympics the following year” said the ski racer from Alto Adige.


Watch the video to find out why the other athletes and the organising committee are looking forward to this exceptional event.