Brandt Sisters Prepare for 2018 Olympics

Brandt Sisters Prepare for 2018 Olympics

When the Brandt sisters take the ice at the 2018 Winter Olympics, it’ll be for two different countries. Hannah Brandt, 23, will be competing for Team USA at the Pyeongchang games, while her older sister, Marissa Brandt, 24, will be competing for South Korea.


Marissa Brandt, who was adopted from South Korea as a four-month-old, gained citizenship in 2016 in order to compete on South Korea's team. “I’m a year older than she is, but my mom, when we were younger, had us in everything together, like dance, figure skating, gymnastics, everything,” Marissa Brandt told NBC News. “We were best friends. We did everything together,” Hannah Brandt said, adding that the two also attended a Korean culture camp together.


Looking ahead to the 2018 games, Marissa Brandt said she’s excited to have her family and sister in Korea. There’s a chance the two teams may compete against each other, and she’s unsure what her family will do, but she’s more excited to share the experience with them than anything. "Going back and being able to represent my country, it’s made me more proud of where I’m from and definitely I feel more connected to my roots.”