When a football club releases its young players, it turns out the light on a childhood dream. At the training ground, life goes on, new recruits arrive, and everyone prepares for the next game. For the youngsters who sacrificed years of schooling for a shot at success, an entire world disappears in a second. Part of a team yesterday, they find themselves alone and forgotten today. They still have their lives ahead of them but the things they need most – practical advice and emotional support to help them find their feet – are exactly what’s missing. I was nineteen when an injury ended my...


Russian ice hockey squad members should definitely take part in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, despite the fact that they will have to compete under the neutral flag, national team member Ilya Kovalchuk said on Tuesday.   "We should definitely go to the Olympics, if we refuse it means that we have given up. We all understand perfectly well that the IOC decision was purely political, and we understand whom those measures target. In fact, it was clear that the decision will be like that. But if athletes go there, it will draw the country together," Kovalchuk said. All clear...




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